Friday, 30 September 2011

Sham Memorial Service

We are staggered to learn that a "memorial service" for Kathy is planned at St Paul's The Actors Church in Covent Garden on November 1st.
Why staggered? It is being organised by one James Harman, the man thrown out of Kathy's life by her family after discovering his deeds over many years.
Poor Kathy. I do hope her real fans and friends avoid this sham of an affair.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Kathy's funeral

I have managed to confirm that Kathy's cremation took place at 3pm on June 1st at Mortlake Crematorium. My source was not a member of the family but the crematorium itself.

Monday, 13 June 2011

The lady vanishes

Ok, time to be blunt.
Why do we not know when or where Kathy's funeral took place? Why are fans not to be allowed to make their tributes there if they want too. What of the memorial service suggested in the Daily Telegraph piece at St Martin's In The Field?
The silence is deafening and people are asking some very relevant questions.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

A tribute from Frank Ifield

Kathy worked many times with the legendary entertainer Frank Ifield and he has sent me details of a tribute on his web site to her.
You can read it HERE

Monday, 30 May 2011

Comments from Facebook

"Do not worry I am following the truth slowly but surely.I was with her the day she left and do not know yet why they took her away from her environment. That was unethical and so cruel."
"Believe me she has to deal with me. I will never forget nor forgive what she has done. I will haunt her."
"I always said so to the one who took her there. All what i can think of is, they just wanted the flat where she was regardless the outcome."
We know the author of these comments and are protecting her identity at the moment.

Graham Smith

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Amazing viewing figures

Litle did I imagine when I made the post below just how many people would read it. Amazing.
Considering Kathy had been away from the public eye for so long it says a lot for her charisma and character that she can attract such attention.
Every comment I have had has been positive apart from one national journalist who was dismissive and offensive, despite the fact that it is the truth and I can verify it 100%.
He's kept me "warm" for six years, no doubt hoping he would cream the exclusive so he would rubbish it wouldn't he?
I'm afraid I cannot give Kathy's fans funeral details for the family is not releasing them. But the Thatchers feature prominently in The Mail on Sunday today. See HERE
Sarah Thatcher is Kathy's niece and taking care of the funeral arrangements.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

The truth of the matter

When Kathy Kirby died last week her family put out a short statement saying that she had died after a short illness.
She died after almost 30 years of living reclusively in a Kensington flat. For many of those years her life was controlled by people who I have come to know were only in it for what they could get out of it.
In 2005 I published a book for her last manager, James Harman, one of the people I just mentioned.
As a result Kathy's family, and particularly her niece,  Sarah Jane Thatcher, began to take an interest in the lady they had basically ignored for 30 years. I am aware that Lady Sarah had not seen her aunt for 30 years but comparatively recently acquired her power of attorney.
In one conversation Sarah described the conditions in which she found her aunt as "squalor".
Kathy had a package of ailments which came with the lifestyle she had lived during the heady days as a singer in the sixties, and beyond. Apart from some hospitalisation she had survived with it and told me personally that she was happy and wanted to stay where she was.
In today's Telegraph Sarah described there being a "special bond" between her and Kathy. It must be very difficult to have a special bond when one lives in Spain. It would have been even more difficult to maintain that bond when one's husband, Sir Mark Thatcher, had just bought a new multi-million pound home in Barbados.
Kathy had a package of care to help with her daily needs and up three days before her death was happy and coping with what her life had become.
Then on Monday May 16th 2011 a number of people arrived at her flat, Sarah among them. Kathy's dearest friends, who kept in touch only by telephone because of the distance between them, last spoke to her on the Sunday and Monday. There was absolutely no indication from her that she was leaving her beloved flat, but leave she did, and was taken to Brinsworth House. Brinsworth is a house for retired entertainment people in Twickenham.
On Thursday Kathy died there. Only one of her regular friends was informed. The lady to whom Sarah spoke only a few days before Kathy left her home, and who had spent countless hours keeping this great lady company, learned of her friend's death through the media.
Today's Telegraph column says her funeral next week will be a private family affair. Her legion of fans across the world are unlikely to know where. Her closest friends do not know where, or when. They, at least, deserve to.
As in life, Kathy in death maintains the enigmatic aura. It is surely remiss of her family to keep from her fans the place of her funeral. It is said a memorial service will take place later in the year at the church of St Martin's in the Field, London.
Will it?

Kathy Kirby, the truth

Coming here very shortly, the true story of what happened to Kathy Kirby.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Goodbye Kathy

Kathy Kirby died on May 19th 2011. A lovely lady and a good friend. RIP Kathy.
Kathy sings HERE