Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Kathy's funeral

I have managed to confirm that Kathy's cremation took place at 3pm on June 1st at Mortlake Crematorium. My source was not a member of the family but the crematorium itself.


  1. Pete Singleton27 June 2011 at 16:18

    Kathy Kirby's death seems to have happened with little or no publicity. A great shame. Kathy was one of the 'greats' of the early 60s. I will always remember her appearing on TV shows in those days including those memorable ABC TV/NME concerts. She is up there with the best. Rest in peace Kathy.

  2. Thank you Peter.

  3. I have just been watching 'Calamity Jane' on TV. When she sang Secret Love I immediately thought of Kathy Kirby's version, which I have always thought was better than Doris Day's.
    So I came onto the net to see if I could hear Kathy again. And read the so sad story of her later life and death. She was so gorgeous, and had such a fantastic voice. I am really so sad that everything went wrong for her. Bet she's leading the Angels chorus. Rest well, Kathy

  4. Hi Graham, so sorry to hear about Kathy's death. Thanks for giving out the information re Kathy's move from her home of 30 years and the lack of information from her family. It does not surprise me they treated Kathy in this way. And a real big thanks for putting together a blog for Kathy fans of which I am one.

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  5. Hi Paul. Kathy was mistreated by many especially at the end of her life. The blog is here as a reminder although it is rarely updated now.


  6. I am just listening to some of Kathy's Columbia recordings, a great artist truly remembered.

    Alan SE23

  7. Hello Graham. My dad was a great fan of Kathy and told me that Tom Jones ruined her reputation with a kiss and tell story; what's the truth?