Sunday, 29 May 2011

Amazing viewing figures

Litle did I imagine when I made the post below just how many people would read it. Amazing.
Considering Kathy had been away from the public eye for so long it says a lot for her charisma and character that she can attract such attention.
Every comment I have had has been positive apart from one national journalist who was dismissive and offensive, despite the fact that it is the truth and I can verify it 100%.
He's kept me "warm" for six years, no doubt hoping he would cream the exclusive so he would rubbish it wouldn't he?
I'm afraid I cannot give Kathy's fans funeral details for the family is not releasing them. But the Thatchers feature prominently in The Mail on Sunday today. See HERE
Sarah Thatcher is Kathy's niece and taking care of the funeral arrangements.

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